The middle ages 500 1400

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Medieval Age (500-1400)

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Middle Ages

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Medieval music

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to Medieval music was an era of Western music, including liturgical music (also known as sacred) used for the church, and secular music, non-religious music. A Chronology of the Middle Ages () Clovis, founder of the Frankish state, conquers most of France and Belgium, converting his territories to Western Catholic founds the Merovingian dynasty and passes his kingdom on to his sons, who begin fighting one another for additional territory.

The beginning of a year time known as the Dark Ages. Rome was a leading power. It's destruction left a civilization that now was illiterate and uneducated. The period of European history extending from about to – ce is traditionally known as the Middle Ages.

The term was first used by 15th-century scholars to designate the period between their own time and the fall of the Western Roman A brief treatment of the Middle Ages follows. For. Medieval music consists of songs, instrumental pieces, and liturgical music from about A.D.

Medieval music

to Medieval music was an era of Western music, including liturgical music (also known as sacred) used for the church, and secular music, non-religious music. Middle Ages ( A.D.) Music -Derived from ancient Greek muses -Muses: nine goddesses of art and science.

Middle Ages

Music first studied around B.C. -Pythagoras(the -The Church, during the middle ages, had control over music.

The middle ages 500 1400
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