The efficency of suppliers prequaification

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We Simplify procurement

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Procurement: Managing suppliers and contractors

Abstract: Prequalification of suppliers is a critical stage in the procurement process because it helps an organization to identify potential supplier who could be called upon to provide goods and services. what is prequalification? Feb 24, Features / Columnists, Peeping Tom 1 In order for our readers to understand the issue of procurement, today we publish an explanation about pre-qualification of.

Pre-qualification is a part of pre-contract supplier appraisal. It is an essential step to deciding whether a supplier is sufficiently capable of timely and quality supply at an acceptable price.

If the supplier meets the pre-qualification criteria, the supplier may be invited to tender or negotiate for the purchasing organisation's business. Requirements and pre-qualification for small scale solar power system. Simplified digital procurement for efficiency and transparency. SRMhub is a global digital E-procurement portal, procure to pay - P2P solution and supplier management relationship - SRM.

Organizations use our digital procurement solution to manage their procurement process including Request for quotations – RFQs, tenders - RFT, bid evaluation and contract awards.

Combined with our community model, prequalification questionnaires allow you to move from managing a tender, to accessing to a pool of high-quality potential suppliers, to having a well-vetted shortlist – all in a minimum of time, with a minimum of effort.

The efficency of suppliers prequaification
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