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YUCHENGCO, Alfonso Tiaoqui

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Mr. Alfonso S. Yuchengco III, serves as a Partner of Argosy Advisers. Mr. Yuchengco has extensive experience in the financial services and the Business Process Outsourcing ('BPO') industry. He. Alfonso Yuchengco (Chinese: Yuchengco was the Chairman of the Board of Bantayog ng mga Bayani Foundation.

He was also the Chair Emeritus and Member of the Board of Governors of the Philippine Ambassadors Foundation; and Chair Emeritus and Past President of the Residence: Makati, Philippines. InAmbassador Alfonso T. Yuchengco set-up the Bayanihan Foundation, Inc, the forerunner of the AY Foundation, Inc.

to administer an educational fund for the children of. ALFONSO T. YUCHENGCO Age: 94 Alfonso Yuchengco Conference - Ensuring economic Security in the Countryside AY Foundation, Inc., Trustee Yuchengco Center, Inc., Trustee Yuchengco Museum, Trustee Great Life Financial Assurance Corporation, Director.

• AY Foundation The Alfonso Yuchengco Foundation, Inc (AY Foundation) serves as the heart of YGC. It manifests the Group’s conviction that social responsibility is a corporation’s lifeblood, essential to its survival and success.


Alfonso Yuchengco's flagship Rizal Commercial Bank was embroiled in what's been called one of greatest bank heists in modern history. In February of reports surfaced that hackers stole $81 Founder: B.

C. Forbes.

The alfonso yuchengco foundation
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