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Hollow City Summary & Study Guide

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Children of the City

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THEME SETTINGS CHARACTER SUMMARY Children of the City MANILA PHILIPPINES Victor: 8 yr old boy who lost his father and was abandoned by her mother. His uncle recruited him as a newspaper boy.

Hollow City

Since then Victor have taken life on the streets. Sep 23,  · "Children of the City" is a short story written by the Filipino contemporary author, Amadis Ma. Guerrero. The story is about the life of Victor, an eight year old boy whose father was involved in a company menace because of unjust salaries and compensations.

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The Hollow City is the second installment in Rigg's trilogy of the Peculiar Children's exciting adventure, and it is a worthy following of its predecessor.

But did I enjoy it as much as the first volume?/5. "Children of the City" is a short story written by the Filipino contemporary author, Amadis Ma.

Guerrero. The story is about the life of Victor, an eight year old boy whose father was involved in a company menace because of unjust salaries and compensations.

In Children of the City, David Nasaw re-creates this period in our social history from the vantage point of the children who grew up then. Drawing on hundreds of memoirs, autobiographies, oral histories and unpublished--and until now The turn of the century was a time of explosive growth for American cities, a time of nascent hopes and apparently limitless possibilities/5.

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Hollow City by Ransom Riggs