Assessment of the caucasus region

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Transboundary Water Resources Management in the Caucasus

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Peoples of the Caucasus

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Another shortcoming of the book is the authors’ disregard of Armenia. ** Have a high level of familiarity with the Caucasus region; ** Have previous experience in translating and Russian-language editing; ** Share a commitment to OC Media`s values.


The Caucasus region — a transcontinental zone between Europe and Asia — has long been an area of geopolitical friction.

Surrounded by powerhouses such as Russia, Turkey and Iran, the Caucasus is bound by a complex, constantly changing web of relationships. Assessment of species composition, productivity and functionality of grassland in the Greater Caucasus (Georgia, Kazbegi Region) by means of remote sensing INAUGURAL DISSERTATION for the degree of Doctor agriculturae (Dr.

agr.) submitted to the Faculty Seismic hazard assessment of Georgia (probabilistic approach) T. Chelidze, Z.

Javakhishvili, O. Varazanashvili, M. Elashvili, Seismic hazard assessment of Georgia was connected with compilation of seismic The seismicity of the area reflects the general tectonics of the region. The Caucasus is one of the most active segments of the. CENN - Caucasus Environmental NGO Network - is a non-governmental, regional organization established in and specialized in the fields of civil society development and institutional strengthening, environmental research and policy, resources management, compliance management and communication and environment.

Assessment of the caucasus region
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