A discussion on the controversy created around the stand your ground law

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Presumably, in attempt to make it look like gun-related murders declined after Florida passed the "Stand Your Ground" law, when the really increased. The thing is the graph is so ridiculously bad, I was shocked Reuters would actually publish it, so I did some digging in an attempt to verify the information.

Current Events. Collection of thoughts and discussions on today’s current events and how ‘A World Deceived’ helps to explain and examine them. “The shooting death of Trayvon Martin and Florida’s Stand-Your-Ground Law have created a worldwide movement that calls into question how justice is delivered to victims of color.”.


denverfoplodge41.com is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. May – Wikipedian David Boothroyd, a Labour Party member, created controversy inwhen Wikipedia Review contributor "Tarantino" discovered that he committed sockpuppeting, editing under the accounts "Dbiv", "Fys" and "Sam Blacketer", none of which acknowledged his real identity.

A discussion on the controversy created around the stand your ground law
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Manslaughter Charges Filed in Florida Handicap Parking Spot Shooting